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Our Exhibitor and Utility Order Guide is included in the Exhibitor Kits provided to you by your Show Organizer. Our Guide provides information about utilities, order forms for services, facility regulations and fire safety regulations - all in one easy-to-read manual.Navy Pier Utilities Guide

Navy Pier provides electrical, plumbing and communication services, including internet services, and also provides the labor to install each of these services. See Section 3, Navy Pier® Labor and Services for more information.

Electrical Guidelines
Navy Pier electricians are responsible for assembly, installation and dismantling of any device that uses electricity as a source of power to the building electrical system. Below are some general guidelines on the electricians and the Chicago Electrical Code.

Exhibitors or their full-time employees may plug 110v/120v equipment into outlets provided by Navy Pier electricians. This includes VCRs, TVs, computers and other appliances. You may also make non-power wiring terminations, such as control and signal wiring to your equipment. However, electricians must perform all power terminations.
  • Use of open clip sign sockets, latex or lamp cord wire in displays, duplex or triplex, 2-wire cord, clamp on lights or attachment plugs is prohibited by order of the Chicago Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago Bureau of Electrical Inspection and the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Electricians are required to provide power to all meeting room equipment that requires electrical service, including audio-visual equipment. Some equipment will require additional labor. They are also required to install and operate audio and video taping devices. The charge for this service begins when the taping equipment is being set up and includes the time that the seminar or meeting is being taped and tear-out. Multiple microphone usage may require an on-site technician.
For your safety, electricians are instructed to adhere strictly to the Chicago Electrical Code, and ensure that your wiring is free of hazards. We reserve the right to refuse connections where wiring constitutes a safety or fire hazard or does not meet the City of Chicago Electrical Code. For a copy of the Chicago Electrical Code please see your Event Manager.

Sign Hanging (Rigging)
Any sign or material to be hung must be approved in advance by Complex Management. Any requests to rig or hang must be submitted in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to your event and must be accompanied by a floor plan or diagram, along with weights per point. If the request is unusual or for a significant amount of weight, Complex Management may require that you obtain the approval of a structural engineer at your expense. Complex personnel will not hang any unapproved signs or materials, including trussing and decor.

Any electrical signs must have a permanent nameplate stating the dimensions, weight, and maximum ampere loads and must be approved by Event Services - Navy Pier Exhibitor and Technical Services Department prior to hanging.

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